Reaction Rates and Chemical Kinetics
Key questions we need to answer to describe a chemical process can be summarised as -

What are reactants and products and what are their molecular compositions and structures? What is the stoichiometry of the reaction and what is the extent of conversion of reactants to products? How long does it take for the reaction to reach equilibrium and what are the factors that affect the time for this to be achieved? What is the molecular process by which the reaction occurs - on a molecular scale, how does the reaction occur?

This module sets up the techniques to describe the rates of chemical processes and how that is measured.

Reactions, Equilibrium and Reaction Rates
Extent of Reaction - Equilibrium Constant K
Measuring Reaction Rate
Calculating Reaction Rates
Calculating Reaction Rates 2
Rates of Chemical Reactions
Half-lives of Chemical Reactions
Radioactive Half-lives
Rate Laws and Rate Constants
Using Rate Laws
Determining a Rate Law
Determining a Rate Law 2
Determining a Rate Law 3
Session Summary
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