Reaction Rates and Chemical Kinetics 2
A chemical reaction in an industrial process, for example, must occur at a reasonable rate. The rates of biochemical reactions are often critical in their function. We need techniques to measure the rates of reactions and the understanding that enables us to control them.

This module builds from the basic ideas of reaction rate and kinetic rate laws. Before beginning, you need to be familiar with the simple concepts of equilibrium and kinetic processes, kinetic experiments, the definitions of reaction rate and average rate over a period, the defintion of a reaction half-life and the general forms of first- and second-order kinetic rate equations. You may need to refer to your lectures, other ChemCAL modules on kinetics, or your text.

Revising Reactions and Rates
Integrated Rate Expressions
Using Integrated Rate Expressions
Second Order Reactions
Radioactive Half-Lives
More About Half-lives
Session Summary
Contacting ChemCAL Online