Structural Organic Chemistry
Carbon has the ability to participate in a number of bonding geometries - tetrahedral, trigonal and linear - to other carbon atoms as well as to other elements. This gives rise to a vast number of molecules based on carbon and to the existence of isomeric and conformational forms for many of these.

This module reviews the conformational and chiral structures that can exist in alkanes and substituted alkanes.

Conformations of Ethane
Identifying Conformations
Conformations of Butane
Chirality - Introduction
Identifying Chiral Centres 1
Identifying Chiral Centres 2
Substituent Priorities
Chiral Configurations
Assigning Chiral Configurations
Naming Asymmetric Alkanes
Naming Asymmetric Haloalkanes
Naming of Cycloalkanes
Conformers of Cyclohexane
Session Summary
Contacting ChemCAL Online