Organic Acids and Bases
In this module we will begin to examine some of the properties of organic molecules that are important in determining their reactivity - particularly the acidity of H-atoms in those molecules.

'Nucleophiles' commonly have an electron lone pair produced by loss of a proton from a molecule and can act as reagents where the lone pair forms a bond to a suitable atom in another molecule. We will examine the characterisitcs of 'nucleophiles' and 'electrophiles' and ways of representing the process of reaction between them.

Acidity and Basicity of Organic Molecules
Factors Affecting Acidity and Basicity
Factors Affecting Acidity 2
Electronegativity Effects
Effect of Carbon Hybridisation 1

Effect of Carbon Hybridisation 2
Charge Delocalisation in Conjugate Bases
Charge Delocalisation Effects on Acidity
Session Summary
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