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Tasks and the Task MenuBar
A ChemCAL Tutorial is a sequence of learning tasks about a topic. The task might be as straightforward as reading some text with animations, graphics or video clips - or it might be a series of questions to test your knowledge and understanding of the chemistry.
In question tasks, the Task MenuBar is a key tool. It changes state depending on the task and your actions so far.

When a task is first loaded, you may ask for a hint (if you don't quite know how to get started).

Once you have begun to complete the question, the 'check my answer' button becomes active. You can change your mind, but once you have made your decision, have it marked by clicking the button.

The 'next item' button indicates there are further questions in the set. For successive questions, hitting the 'return key' is a shortcut to automatically mark the item and move to the next one.

If you try the question and are incorrect (or know that you guessed!), you can call up an 'explanation'. After a couple of unsuccessful tries you may decide to be 'shown' the answer.

Each question task screen carries a score, based on your first attempts at each item. When you complete all the items on a screen, ChemCAL gives you a total score for immediate feedback on how well you went.

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