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1 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures. (video)
2 The Structure of Atoms. (video)
3 Ionic Compounds: formation, formulas and naming. (video)
4 Covalent Compounds: bonding, naming, polyatomic ions. (video)
5 Formulas and Equations. (video)
6 Chemical Reactions and Ionic Equation.s (video)
7 Chemical Calculations I: atomic and formula weights. (video)
8 Chemical Calculations II: % composition, empirical formulas. (video)
Mid-Course Revision Questions.
9 Chemical Calculations III: Stoichiometry. (video)
10 Chemical Calculations IV: Solution stoichiometry. (video)
11 Oxidation and Reduction Reactions. (video)
12 The Periodic Table. (video)
13 Acids and Bases: pH calculations. (video)
14 Revision Tutorial
There is no need to print out the course notes if you are attending - they are all contained in the course handbook which is provided.

Supplementary Topics
1 Supplementary Topic 1: States of Matters. (video)
2 Supplementary Topic 2: More About Gases. (video)
3 Supplementary Topic 3: Energy and Chemical Reactions. (video)
4 Supplementary Topic 4: Intermolecular forces. (video)
5 Supplementary Topic 5: Equilibrium.

1 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
2 Exponential Notation and Logs
3 Sub-Shell Electronic Structure of Atoms
3 Mathematics Revision Notes
4 Answers to Tutorial 14