Introduction to High Resolution Spectroscopy 

Introduction Rotational Vibrational Miscellaneous

Interactive Infrared Spectra

These pages provide interactive infrared spectra of common organic molecules. By clicking on the peaks in the spectrum, the corresponding molecule vibration is shown. The pages require Java 1.6, or better. If you experience problems, download and install and latest Java plugin. Alternatively, the pages are also available (for Internet Explorer only) using the Chime plugin.

Currently, the following set of molecules is available. If you would like to see a particular molecule on these pages, please contact us, preferably with a set of molecular coordinates.

  Methane   Ethane   Propane   Butane   Methylpropane   Cyclohexane  
  Ethene   3-buten-2-one   2-propenal  
  Methanol   Ethanol   Phenol  
  Propanone   Ethanal   3-buten-2-one   2-propenal  
  Benzene   Toluene   Phenol   Aspirin   Paracetamol   Caffeine  
Acid derivatives
  Ethylethanoate   Ethanamide   Ethanoyl Chloride   Ethanoic Anhydride  
Carboxylic acids
  Aspirin   Ethanoic Acid  
Common molecules
  Aspirin   Paracetamol   Caffeine  

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