The ability to find and analyse information and judge its reliability and significance;

This learning outcome contributes to the following graduate attributes:
A Research and Inquiry
A1. Apply scientific knowledge and critical thinking to identify, define and analyse problems, create solutions, evaluate opinions, innovate and improve current practices.
A2. Gather, evaluate and deploy information relevant to a scientific problem.
A3. Design and conduct investigations, or the equivalent, and analyse and interpret the resulting data.
A4. Critically examine the truth and validity in scientific argument and discourse, and evaluate the relative importance of ideas.
A5. Disseminate new knowledge and engage in debate around scientific issues.
A6. Value the importance of continual growth in knowledge and skills, and recognise the rapid, and sometimes major, changes in scientific knowledge and technology.
B Information Literacy
B1. Use a range of searching tools (such as catalogues and databases) effectively and efficiently to find information.
B2. Access a range of information sources in the science disciplines, for example books, reports, research articles, patents and company standards.
B3. Critically evaluate the reliability and relevance of information in a scientific context.
B5. Use information technology to gather, process, and disseminate scientific information.
E Personal and Intellectual Autonomy
E1. Evaluate personal performance and development, recognise gaps in knowledge and acquire new knowledge independently.
This learning outcome is assessed through the following assessment tasks:
  • Introduction to Mastering Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism - Assignment 1 and Tutorial Questions
  • Electricity and Magnetism - Assignment 2 and Tutorial Questions
  • Electricity and Magnetism - Assignment 3 and Tutorial Questions
  • Fluids - Assignment 4 and Tutorial Questions
  • Quantum Physics - Assignment 5 and Tutorial Questions
  • Quantum Physics - Assignment 6 and Tutorial Questions
  • Workshop Tutorials
  • Laboratory Work - Circuits
  • Mid-semester Test
  • Final Examination