Threshold Learning Outcome Development in the Faculty of Science

By checking the boxes below, you can generate a mapping of graduate attributes across multiple units. These might, for example, consistute a program or year of study. The resulting page also contains a URL to link to or embed in a webpage as well as a PDF version of the map.

Year 1 Units all year 1 units
ATHK1001 BIOL1001 BIOL1001SS BIOL1002 BIOL1003SS
BIOL1911 BIOS1172 CHEM1001 CHEM1002 CHEM1101
CHEM1102 CHEM1111 CHEM1405 CHEM1611 CHEM1612
CHEM1901 CHEM1902 CHEM1903 CHEM1904 MATH1001
MATH1002 MATH1003 MATH1004 MATH1005 MATH1011
MATH1013 MATH1014 MATH1015 MATH1111 MATH1901
MATH1902 MATH1903 MATH1905 MBLG1001 PHYS1500
PSYC1001 PSYC1002
Year 2 Units all year 2 units
ANAT2010 BIOS2115 MBLG2071 MICR2021 PHSI2006
PSYC2011 PSYC2012 PSYC2013 PSYC2014
Year 3 Units all year 3 units
ANAT3007 CPAT3201 CPAT3202 EMHU3001 MICR3011
MICR3032 NEUR3001 PHSI3005 PHSI3006 PHSI3906
PSYC3011 PSYC3017 PSYC3018 PSYC3020 VIRO3001
Year 5 Units all year 5 units
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