ChemCAL Online uses a Web-based system to deliver interactive course materials to our students across the Internet. It provides self-paced learning and feedback to students about their knowledge, skills and progress.
Setting up for ChemCAL Online
This module describes setting up your own computer to use ChemCAL Online.

Introducing ChemCAL Online
This module uses some background chemistry to introduce first time users to the different task types, menu bars and resources which occur through the tutorials .

Contacting ChemCAL
This is a direct e-mail link to ChemCAL Online for comments, questions and suggestions.

The ChemCAL modules for this course are divided into the following topic areas:

1. General Chemistry
2. Properties of Atoms
3. Properties of Molecules
4. Equilibria
5. Acids and Bases
6. Kinetics
7. Structures of Organic Compounds
8. Reactions of Organic Compounds


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