Electrochemistry describes the interface between chemistry and electrical energy. Obvious examples are production of electrical energy from chemical batteries and the use of electrolysis to carry out chemical processes which do not occur spontaneously. In this pocket recharger, solar energy is used to recharge a set of AA nickel-cadmium batteries.

This module deals with some essential concepts in the description and operation of electrochemical cells.

Oxidation Numbers A
Oxidation Numbers B
Redox Half Reactions
Galvanic Half-Cells
Galvanic Half-Cell Questions
Galvanic Cells
Galvanic Cells - Shorthand Representation
Half-Cell Potentials and Reference Electrodes
Standard Electrode Potentials
Cell Reactions of Galvanic Cells
Using Electrode Potentials - 1
Using Electrode Potentials - 2
Anode, Cathode and Cell Reactions
Session Summary
Contacting ChemCAL Online