Accurate measurement was a turning point in the development of chemistry as we know it. Careful measurements of mass and volume were the foundation for the atomic theories of matter, leading to our modern molecular pictures for all chemical phenomena - in the laboratory, in industry, in biology, or in the environment.

This module reviews the units and techniques chemists use to quantitatively describe chemical processes.
Measurement in Chemistry
Fractions and Multiples of Units
Using Prefixes and Units
Converting Units
Significant Figures in Calculations
The Mole
Relative Atomic and Molar Masses
Stoichiometry and Chemical Formulas
Balancing Chemical Equations
Reaction of Barium with Water
Reduction of Iron(III) Oxide
Oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide
Burning of Hexane
Sodium Carbonate Solution
Barium Hydroxide Solution
Volumetric Analysis 1
Volumetric Analysis 2
Volumetric Analysis 3
Volumetric Analysis 4
Volumetric Analysis 5
Session Summary
Contacting ChemCAL Online