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Week 2 Semester 2 2020

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CHEM1405 Week 1

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The Periodic Table

  •  recognize trends in the Periodic Table, such as in ionic radii
  •  understand and explain reasons for those trends
  • more ...

Introduction to Atomic Structure

  •  list the particles that make up atoms, their symbols and their relative masses and charges
  •  recognise how relative atomic masses are derived
  • more ...

The Biological Periodic Table

  •  list important building blocks of living organisms
  •  identify essential, toxic and medicinal elements
  • more ...

ChemCAL, iChem and Contributed Resources (Username "1405" and Password "helium")

Assumed Knowledge Introduction to Atomic Structure The Periodic Table
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CHEM1405 Week 2

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  •  write and balance chemical equations
  •  use the mole concept for stoichiometry calculations
  • more ...

Chemical Bonding

  •  explain the characteristics of ionic, metallic and covalent bonding
  •  use the difference in electronegativity of two elements to predict the type of bond that will form between them
  • more ...

The Shapes of Molecules

  •  use VSEPR to explain and predict molecular shapes
  •  deduce shapes from Lewis structures
  • more ...

ChemCAL, iChem and Contributed Resources (Username "1405" and Password "helium")

Stoichiometry Chemical Bonding