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Periodic Table Su Doku





This is a standard Su Doku puzzle with a table of 3x3 boxes, each of which contains a 3x3 array of cells to make a 9 by 9 grid. To solve the puzzle, you must fill in the empty cells with the elements so that every row, every column and every 3 by 3 box contains each one of the nine elements listed.

To play, click in one of the empty squares and then click on the element name to display its symbol in the square. You can erase a go with the 'del' button.

This puzzle has elements drawn from the . Use the 'selection' menu to modify this.

  • 'new' to generate a new puzzle based on a different set of elements (this also deletes the saved version),
  • 'create' to generate a new puzzle from the same elements,
  • 'reset' to restore the original board,
  • 'hint' for a suggestion on a square to place an element in and
  • 'save' to save the board as it is - when you open this page again, this board will be restored (requires 'cookies' to be enabled)
  • 'solve' to see the solution.

Choose 'easy to print' from the version menu to display only the puzzle.
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