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Chemistry 1A (Advanced)

Note: this unit is no longer available, it has been replaced by CHEM1911. This page and the links from it correspond to the 2017 version of the course.

This unit of study offers students an integrated approach to the composition of matter, the shapes of molecules, and the physical and chemical processes that occur in chemistry. The emphasis is on the molecular basis of materials and transformations relevant to everyday experience. Many of these topics are treated in depth and the unit is designed to extend students who have demonstrated a strong foundation knowledge of HSC chemistry. The concepts covered in lectures will be illustrated by work conducted in the laboratories. The laboratory classes also teach some standard research techniques and experimental methodology. The unit carries a credit point value of 6 and consists of approximately 80 hours of teaching. It contains some continuous assessment and concludes with an examination.

We also offer CHEM1903, part of our 'Special Studies Program' (SSP), which is open to students with high ATAR and high school chemistry marks who are excited by research in the chemical sciences. For more details and to apply to join the SSP program, please see our online form.

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E10: Acetic Acid Content of Vinegar Back of Lab D
E6: The Rotation of Polarized Light by Chiral Molecules Back of Lab B
E8: Sunscreens Back of Lab A
E1: Chemistry of Soil Front of Lab A
E9: Porphyrins Front of Lab B
E7: Phase Separation and Purification Front of Lab D
E4: Mixing the Unmixable: Surfactants in Solutions, Emulsions and Lotions Back of Lab C
E5: Heat and Temperature Front of Lab C
No students in Cream

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Unit Summary A summary of the syllabus, the aims and goals, the learner preparation, the learning situations, commitments and outcomes and the assessment procedures are available using the link below.

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Academic Resources A variety of resources are available to assist you in your studies, including extensive on-line material. These may be accessed using the link below and using your unit area resources.

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Support The First Year Chemistry Team is here to assist and support you in your studies. Use the link below to find out who we are and how to contact us.

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