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First Year Chemistry Learning Centre

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is hosted on the web and in Room 213, at the back of Lab D in the First Year Chemistry area. The room features: The virtual part of the Centre comprises:

Free Consultations With Tutors

From week 2, a tutor is available in the Learning Centre from 1-2 pm from Monday - Thursday to give free consultations on any area of first year chemistry. These are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis and are in addition to the timetabled tutorials. Especially on busy days, you will be expected to help each other as well as getting individual assistance from the tutor. It is a good idea to form into groups of students in the same unit of study as many people's problems will be the same.
If you have any problems understanding the lectures, doing the weekly problem sheets or past exam papers, drop in and get some help!
During the study vacation (week 14), the learning centre and tutors will be open from 1-2 pm.

Discussion Boards - Out Of Hours Help

Each eLearning site features a discussion board for you to post questions and, if you like, post answers to those already there. Tutors will regularly visit the discussion boards all semester and during the study vacation to answer questions. Simply log on to eLearning and then follow the links to your chemistry unit and its discussion board.

If you've never used a discussion board before, read the help document or just try it out.

Access to the Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is located in Room 213, at the back of Laboratory D in the First Year Chemistry area as access to the room is through the laboratory, you will need to wear suitable clothing (lab coat, safety glasses and enclosed footwear) to access the room from 10-1 and 2-5.
Access at lunch time to see the tutors and during the study vacation does not require laboratory clothing.

Please do not walk through the lab if there is experimental work going on unless you are suitably clothed. You will be asked to leave!

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