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Supplementary Course

Supplementary Course in Chemistry

The Supplementary Course has been moved onto Canvas. This page is maintained to help redirect historical incoming links. You can self-enrol in the Canvas version of the Supplementary course here.

This free online course is for students wishing to proceed to intermediate chemistry (Chem 2) after successful completion of Fundamentals of Chemistry A and B (CHEM1011 and CHEM1012, or the earlier codes CHEM1001 and CHEM1002). It is highly recommended for other students who want to refresh their understanding of atomic and molecular orbital theory.

The Fundamentals of Chemistry units are designed for students that have not completed HSC chemistry. The first 6 weeks of Fundamentals of Chemistry provide a brief introduction to chemistry after which the syllabus is parallel to that of 'main stream chemistry' (CHEM1111 & CHEM1112) though the depth of treatment of the topics may vary between the units. The Chemistry for Life Sciences units are designed for students whose primary focus is medicinal biochemistry. The Supplementary course covers atomic and molecular orbitals (topics studied in the first six weeks of CHEM1111 that students of CHEM1011 have not experienced). These topics are assumed and necessary knowledge for Intermediate Chemistry units. It is assessed through online quizzes which you can have as many attempts at as you like in order to master the content.

Unit Summary A summary of the syllabus, the aims and goals, the learner preparation, the learning situations, commitments and outcomes and the assessment procedures are available using the link below.

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Unit Resources The link below gives details and links to the on-line and other resources available for this unit.

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Academic Resources A variety of resources are available to assist you in your studies, including extensive on-line material. These may be accessed using the link below and using your unit area resources.

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Support The First Year Chemistry Team is here to assist and support you in your studies. Use the link below to find out who we are and how to contact us.

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