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Supplementary Course - Summary

Aims and Goals

To ensure that all students entering Intermediate Chemistry (CHEM2) have the prerequesite knowledge equivalent to CHEM1111 and CHEM1112.


A summary of the syllabus is available.

How the Course Works

This course is web based which means that you can do it wherever you are and at any time you like between now and mid-February provided you have internet access. The course is self-taught through 3 worksheets, provided here. These worksheets enable you to develop and test your own understanding. When you have mastered this material there is an online, open book Supplementary Course Test for you to do. This test can be repeated as many times as you like: once you have mastered the material you will be able to enrol in Intermediate Chemistry units.

Enrolling in Intermediate Chemistry (CHEM2)

This information is only for students that have completed CHEM1011 and CHEM1012 or CHEM1001 and CHEM1002 and wish to enrol in 2nd year Chemistry!
  • You will not be able to enrol in Chem 2 without obtaining 'Special Permission' in Sydney student.
  • Once you have completed the Supplementary Course Test, you will be able to download a certificate. You should download load this file onto your computer.
  • When you enrol via Sydney Student, request "departmental permission" and upload the certificate as part of this.
  • Contact the Second Year Chemistry coordinator ( if you have any questions.

What You Should Do

  • Download and complete the course worksheets and do the required reading.
  • Complete the online Supplementary Course Test.
  • Download the Supplemtary Course Certificate and enrol via Sydney Student. You will need to request "departmental permission" if you have taken CHEM1001 and CHEM1002 and you can upload your course certificate when you do this.
  • Contact the Second Year Chemistry coordinator ( if you have any questions.
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