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Chemistry 1A (Special Studies Program)

Apply to join the Special Studies Program (SSP)

Students taking the SSP program (CHEM1903 and CHEM1904) have a separate laboratory and tutorial program. The laboratory program is designed to extend students who already have chemistry laboratory experience, and particularly caters for students who already show a passion and enthusiasm for chemistry, as well as aptitude as demonstrated by high school chemistry results. The laboratory program is designed to develop research and inquiry skills and culminates in an extended research project. The SSP program brings together a small cohort of exceptional students who are excited about chemistry and want to excel.

To apply to join the SSP program, complete the short form below. Once the selection committee has met, you will be emailed the decision and, if successful, a letter to upload on to the enrolment software (Sydney Student).
Name:   SID:   
ATAR (or equivalent):    HSC Chemistry mark (or equivalent):   
How do you think you would benefit from the Chemistry SSP? (maximum 100 words):
What is one thing about chemistry / current chemistry research that you find exciting? (maximum 100 words)

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