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Topics and learning outcomes


  • Introduction to Chemical Energetics
    •  identify the system and the surroundings in a chemical process
    •  identify the ways in which energy is transferred in a chemical process
    •  identify the sign of heat and work in chemical processes
    •  give examples of chemical reactions that do work
    •  calculate energies in Joules or Calories
    •  calculate the energy required to change the temperature of a substance using its heat capacity
    •  calculate the energy released or absorbed by a reaction from data obtained using a bomb calorimeter
    •  explain the origin of the heat of reaction
    •  understand the relationship between internal energy and enthalpy
    •  calculate ΔH of a reaction using Hess's Law of heat summation
    •  calculate ΔH0 of a reaction using tables of ΔfH
    •  appreciate the origin of heat release in net bond breakage
    •  explain the origin of gas expansion and heat transfer in terms of probability
    •  understand the microscopic definition of entropy in terms of the number of ways of arranging a system
    •  define both the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics
    •  predict the entropy changes between some simple chemical systems
    •  calculate ΔS of a reaction using tables of standard entropies
    •  calculate ΔunivS or ΔG of a reaction and predict spontaneity
    •  understand the relationship between ΔunivS and ΔG
    •  calculate ΔG0 based on values of ΔH0 and ΔS0 or from values of ΔfG0
    •  explain the effects of temperature and pressure on ΔG0
    •  explain in principle how one maximizes the useful work obtainable from a chemical reaction

Textbook references

  • Introduction to Chemical Energetics - Chapter 4
references are to Blackman, Bottle, Schmid, Mocerino and Wille, Chemistry, 2nd Edition, 2012 (John Wiley)

Lecture notes, tutorial homework and resources

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Introduction to Chemical Energetics
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Introduction to Chemical Energetics -
Hunt for absolute zero
Description: Nobel prize winning scientists discuss the search for absolute zero
Tags: 3rd Law
Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
Thermodynamics tutorial
Tags: thermodynamics
Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
Thermodynamics overview
Tags: thermodynamics
Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
Marbors defy entropy
Description: Clip from You Tube showing marbles breaking the 2nd Law
Tags: Entropy | 2nd Law
Contributed by Adam Bridgeman

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