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CHEM1101 - Resources for Week 5

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Spectroscopy
    •  relate absorption and emission of photons to changes in electron energy levels
    •  calculate emission and absorption wavelengths from energy levels
    •  identify constraints on analysis by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
    •  describe how the hollow cathode lamp operates, and why it is central to sensitive AAS measurements
    •  use the Beer-Lambert law
    •  understand the relationship between absorption and observed colour
    •  relate electronic absorbance and emission spectra to electronic structure
    •  recall the meanings of HOMO and LUMO, and determine the lowest energy electronic transition
    •  describe the process of molecular spectroscopy
    •  compare and contrast atomic and molecular spectroscopy
    •  calculate energy levels for one-electron atoms
  • Band Theory - MO in Solids
    •  recognise that interactions of σ-orbitals gives rise to a valence bands, and σ* orbitals give rise to a conduction band in covalent networks
    •  use, define and explain the concepts of conduction band, valence band, band gap, hole, acceptor level, donor level, n-doping and p-doping
    •  explain the relationship between band gap and electrical and optical properties
    •  explain how n or p doping gives rise to conductivity of electrons and hole
    •  explain why the conductivity of semiconductors increases with temperature
    •  recognise a diagram of the band structure of insulators, metals and types of semiconductor.
    •  recall that the number of molecular orbitals increases with the number of atoms in a molecule

Textbook and eBook References

  • Atomic Electronic Spectroscopy - Section 4.5
  • Band Theory - MO in Solids - Sections 7.2 and 7.8
the eBook reference is free and is taken from high quality sources.

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