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CHEM1405 - Resources for Week 4

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Chemical Energetics
    •  perform calculations using ΔH
    •  apply Hess’s law
    •  explain the entropy concept qualitatively
    •  perform calculations using ΔS
    •  explain and use the concept of Gibb’s free energy
    •  explain the importance of ΔG in biological systems
  • Chemical Equilibrium
    •  define chemical equilibrium
    •  formulate equilibrium equations for chemical reaction
    •  perform calculations involving equilibrium constant K
    •  compare and contrast K and Q
    •  apply Le Chatelier’s principle to equilibrium systems
    •  compare and contrast equilibrium and steady state

Textbook and eBook References

  • Introduction to Chemical Energetics - Sections 8.1 - 8.6
  • Chemical Equilibrium - Chapter 9

Lecture Notes, Tutorial Worksheets & Answers and Suggested Exam Questions

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Introduction to Chemical Energetics Chemical Equilibrium
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Contributed Links and Resources

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Introduction to Chemical Energetics -  
Chemical Equilibrium -  
  Le Chatelier's principle  
Description: Tutorial on the ways in which equilibrium can restored following a change
Tags: equilibrium  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman

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