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CHEM1611 - Resources for Week 8

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Amines
    •  recognise and name amines
    •  predict the reactivity of amines as bases and nucleophiles
    •  appreciate the role played by amines in nature
  • Aldehydes and Ketones
    •  identify and name simple ketones and aldehydes
    •  explain the mechanism of nucleophilic addition to a carbonyl
    •  predict the products of oxidation and reduction of aldehydes and ketones and give the reagents required to perform these reactions
    •  identify the oxidant and reductant in the NADH / NAD+ cycle
    •  recognize hemiacetals and acetals
    •  identify the products of their reactions with Grignard reagents
    •  identify the products of their reactions with amines

Textbook and eBook References

  • Amines - Sections 19.6 - 19.7
  • Aldehydes and Ketones - Chapter 21
the eBook references are free and are taken from high quality sources.

Lecture Notes, Tutorial Worksheets & Answers and Suggested Exam Questions

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ChemCAL and iChem Resources

Contributed Links and Resources

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Amines -  
  Alcohol and amine nomenclature (short video tutorial)  
Tags: organic nomenclature  |  Contributed by Mat Todd
  Using the terms primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary (short video tutorial)  
Tags: organic nomenclature  |  Contributed by Mat Todd
Aldehydes and Ketones -  

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