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CHEM1611 - Resources for Week 2

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • The Periodic Table
    •  draw out the electron configuration for atoms in the s-, p- and d- blocks of the Periodic Table, including unpaired electrons
    •  assign atoms to appropriate groups in the Periodic Table on the basis of their properties
    •  give examples of periodic trends and chemical properties used to construct the Periodic Table
    •  explain periodic trends in atomic radii and ionization energies in terms of size and effective nuclear charge
    •  give examples of essential, toxic and medicinal elements
    •  describe how the role of these elements relates to their chemical properties
  • Chemical Bonding
    •  appreciate what a mole of substance is
    •  convert between mass and moles and between moles and mass
    •  work out the percentage yield in a chemical reaction by identifying the limiting reagent and the theoretical yield
    •  use experimentally determined percentage composition to work out the empirical formula
    •  use the ideal gas law to relate the number of moles, pressure, volume and temperature of a gas using the common units of pressure (atm, Pa and mmHg), volume (mL, L and m3) and the appropriate value of the gas constant, R
    •  explain the characteristics of ionic, metallic and covalent bonding
    •  draw out plausible Lewis structures for simple polyatomic molecules
    •  assign bond orders based on sharing of electron pairs and resonance structures
    •  identify single, double and triple bonds and the σ and π-components of these bonds

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