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Laboratory Exemption

Exemption From the Laboratory Program

There are no automatic exemptions from the practical course for any students.

This page contains information on laboratory exemption in Summer School. For information on laboratory exemption for the normal semester units, see the 'Laboratory Information' page.

If you have previously taken and passed a relevant laboratory course at The University of Sydney, you may be able to claim exemption from the laboratory course. If this is granted, you will carry the laboratory mark from your previous unit and will not be able to improve it. To be granted exemption, you must apply by filling out a form from the First Year Enquiry Office. The Summer School lecturer will prepare this form for you and bring them to class on the first day of the course. There is no need to come to the Enquiry Office before Summer School begins.

Course fees are set by the Federal Government and exemption from the laboratory does not effect course fees, in Summer School or in normal semester.

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