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CHEM1002 - Resources for Week 13

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Metals in Biology
    •  list the important molecular building blocks of living systems
    •  identify essential, toxic and medicinal elements
    •  explain the typical roles of metals in the body
    •  relate the medicinal uses of metals to their coordination chemistry
    •  recognize the role of coordination chemistry in drug design
  • Kinetics
    •  determine the rate law from experimental data
    •  identify the reaction order from the rate law
    •  use the integrated rate law and half life for 1st order reactions
    •  recognize the effect of temperature on reaction rates and be able to use the Arrhenius equation in calculations
    •  recognize that chemical reactions result from multistep processes called reaction mechanisms
    •  recognize the role of activation energy and collision frequency in determining rates
    •  know how catalysts effect the rate of reactions without altering equilibrium constants

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