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CHEM1904 - Tutorials

Tutorial Problems and Solutions

The tutorial homework sheets are designed to show your understanding of the course and to give you practice on the type of problems that you can expect in the final examination. It is extremely important that you attempt all of the questions. We recommend that you work through the separate 'critical thinking' questions in the tutorial and then work through the tutorial worksheets in your own time.

The solutions are made available the weekend before the tutorial and you should use these to correct minor errors and to help you self assess your progress. Having done this, your tutor will be able to give your personalized advice and feedback. If you don't attempt the problems, no such feedback is possible. It is not possible for us to give you feedback unless you have done some work!



These tutorial quizzes are important as they enable you to gauge your level of understanding of the lecture and lab material as you go along and they also are assessed. The marks from the three quizzes contribute equally and together make up 15% of your assessment for the semester. They provide a model for the multiple choice section on the end of semester exam paper.

What happens if I miss an assessment?

If you miss a tutorial quiz (or lab) assessment, there are three courses of action available to you:

  1. Do nothing - you will score 0 for that assessment task.
  2. See Sophie or Warren at the First Year Enquiry Office and arrange to sit for the assessment at some other time (this is not always possible, especially for laboratory assessments). Note that tutorial quizzes may be completed at any of the schedules week's tutorials, not just the one you are timetable to attend.
  3. You may apply for Special Consideration (which is not granted routinely) if you miss a laboratory session, tutorial quiz or examination, or if your performance in an exam is adversely affected by illness or special circumstances. Follow the procedure outlined on the Faculty of Science website. Application for special consideration must be submitted within seven (7) days of the assessment affected.

Example Quizzes

Examples of the tutorial quizzes are available:
Quiz 1 will appear during week 4,
Quiz 2 (topic and resources),
Quiz 3 (topic and resources).
Note that the content of the quiz is determined by the lecturer close to the time of the quiz. Consequently it may vary slightly from these examples.

Answers to Quizzes

You should take the quiz question sheet away with you and keep it! There are multiple versions of each quiz. You will receive an email with your score, listing the answers and giving you personalized feedback on the solutions shortly after your quiz - this will only be of use to you in conjunction with the quiz paper.

You may check your score and the answers at any time from the 'Your Quiz Scores' page.

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