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Problems Using ChemCAL

Having Problems with ChemCAL on a Mac?

Alongside others programs, ChemCAL appears not to function correctly with the latest version of the Adobe plugin for Shockwave, which it requires.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have not been able to find a solution to this.


Our best advice is not to upgrade to Shockwave 11 (or later)!

If you have already installed Shockwave 11 on a Mac or it came installed on your computer, you can uninstall it. Go to the Shockwave download sitea> and download Shockwave 11. In the folder, there is an uninstall program. Run this. Next, return to the Shockwave site and download and install "Shockwave 10 for PPC" (a small link underneath the large box for Shockwave 11).

ChemCAL should then work with the Safari browser.

You can also try to install the 64-bit Shockwave plugin and then run Safari in 64-bit mode.


Open its Info tab (Command-I) and make sure the 'Open with Rossetta' checkbox is checked. Close this window and then open ChemCAL through Firefox. Note that this may slow Firefox down and you may prefer to uncheck this option when not using ChemCAL.

Still Having Problems?

An alternative, is to use a Windows emulator (see Ubuntu community help-pages).

Please use the computers in the rooms at the back of the First Year Chemistry Laboratories or Firefox on a PC on campus.
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