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First Year Chemistry

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Welcome to First Year Chemistry

Chemistry is about change; how and why things happen.

In First Year Chemistry we want to provide you with an understanding of the molecular basis of the physical properties of materials (why are towels made of cotton not nylon?), the reasons chemical reactions occur (why do cut apples go brown?) and the energy changes involved (what is a flame?).

There are many reasons why you may choose to study Chemistry: academic curiosity, a fascination with understanding the world around you, to support study in agriculture, engineering or the life sciences, because it is something you are good at or maybe just that it is something you have never tried before.

It is not unusual to enter First Year Chemistry without having completed HSC Chemistry. We host a Bridging Course in February for prospective students of all levels, including students with no HSC Chemistry, mature students and those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

Which Unit Should I Take? Choosing the right combination of units is essential to maximise your performance. Use the link below for guidance or contact us for advice.

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Unit Areas Your Unit Area provides you with a 'one-stop-shop' of resources and links tailored to your academic course. Use the link below to locate your area and bookmark it.

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Support The First Year Chemistry Team is here to assist and support you in your studies. Use the link below to find out who we are and how to contact us.

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