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First Year Chemistry Team

Welcome to First Year Chemistry

We want your study of First Year Chemistry to be as productive and trouble free as possible. If you have any questions please ask us!

This page details the people with direct responsibility for delivering First Year Chemistry.

You will also meet many other members of staff from the School of Chemistry.

You will find that all the lecturers in the School of Chemistry are very approachable. If you have questions about any of the material that they have presented, feel free to contact them.
Toby Hudson Rob Baker Jojo (Xiaoyan Zhou)
Marjan Ashna Mary Miller Elizabeth Hooker

Director of First Year Studies

Dr Toby Hudson is the Director of First Year Studies in Chemistry and is the Unit of Study Coordinator for all CHEM1 units.

Toby can advise you about Chemistry course options, methods of study, how to access chemistry resources, the exams and questions you have about the teaching.

Toby is located in room 456, on the 4th floor of the School of Chemistry. and may also be contacted by email (

Deputy Director of First Year Studies

Dr Robert Baker, Laboratory Director, should be contacted if you have any suggestions, constructive criticism or questions about the Laboratories and the laboratory programme.

Rob is located in room 416a and may also be contacted by email (

Administration Team

Jojo is the educational support officer in charge of First Year Chemistry administration. She and the staff in the Enquiry Office, located in room 210 (outside lab A), handle all general enquiries, approved special considerations, tutorial quizzes and out of session lab attendance.

Laboratory Support Staff

Marjan Ashna is in charge of the technical aspects of the First Year Chemistry Laboratories and Service Room, supported by Mary Miller and Elizabeth Hooker. If you need any replacement equipment or additional chemicals they will supply them from the service room, located between Labs B and C.

Marjan is also the Safety Officer and First Aid Office for Level 2 and for the First Year Laboratories.

General information about the laboratories is also available.
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