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Exam Information

This page provides information on this semester's exam and on how to obtain Special Consideration.

This semester's exam

Your exam is scheduled for:
For information on how to find the venue and the seat number for your exams and other important information relating to how examinations are conducted at the University, go to:
The paper is made up of short answer questions which must be completed in ink in the spaces on the exam paper. There is no multiple choice section in the exam this year.

It is a good idea to have a look at the data sheet that is provided in the exam. Past exam papers are available from the links on this page.

All merit grades (High Distinction 85% and above, Distinction 75-84%, Credit 65-74%, Pass 50-64% and Fail <50%) are available in this unit of study. Graphs showing the merit grade distributions in this unit and comparisons with other units are available.

Special Consideration

Replacement Examinations: Students who miss the end of semester examination because of illness or misadventure or whose performance in the exam has been severely affected by illness or personal circumstances may be granted a replacement examination. The date and venue of the replacement examination is:
NOTE: If you apply for Special Consideration for an examination, you are applying to resit the examination. We will NOT "just give you a couple of extra marks". If Special Consideration is granted, you will be obliged to attend the replacement examination - your original paper will be considered null and void.

If you apply to sit the Replacement Examination after sitting the original exam, your application must address why you did not apply before.

To apply for Special Consideration, you should read the information on the Special Consideration website and use the form on that site.

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