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CHEM1102 - Resources - This Week's Resources

General Resources

  • The lecture notes and tutorial assignments will be provided to you on the first day of the course - there is no need to download and print them out yourself
  • Textbook references are to
    Blackman, Bottle, Schmid, Mocerino and Wille,
         Chemistry, 3rd Edition, 2015 (John Wiley) ISBN: 978-0-7303-1105-8 (paperback) and 978-0-7303-2492-8 (e-text)

    Textbook resources, including the answers to the odd-numbered problems of Chemistry, 3rd Edition and the web address for the publisher's site, are available via "Textbook Resources" on USYD eLearning.
  • Lecture notes and some resources require a password - this is available on eLearning.
  • ChemCAL is an on-line suite of modules with information, explanations, animations and questions on most topics. To access, click ChemCAL and log on using username 1102 password helium. You may have to configure your computer to run ChemCAL correctly. See 'Setting up ChemCAL on-line' to do this.
  • The self-help problems are a series of topic related questions of varying difficulty, with links to full worked answers.
  • Worksheets - used in lectures and tutorials

Worksheets and tutorial resources



Example tutorial quizzes and answers

Resources By Topic




Self-Help Problems

Introduction and Isomers: Blackman Chapter 15 Alkanes - Structure and Nomenclature

Organic Functional Groups

Functional Group Flashcards
Alkenes, Alkynes and Arenes: Blackman Chapters 15, 5 Alkenes, Benzene and Alkynes

Elimination and Electrophilic Addition Reactions
Structural Determination: Blackman Chapter 19 Structural Organic Chemistry  
Alcohols and Amines: Blackman Chapter 18 Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions

Elimination and Electrophilic Addition Reactions
Stereochemistry Blackman Chapter 16    
Alkyl Halides and Carbonyls: Blackman Chapters 17, 20 Nucleophilic Addition to Carbonyl Groups  
Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives: Blackman Chapter 22 Organic Acids and Bases Organic

Reduction and Oxidation


Summary of Organic Reactions   Organic Transformations Flashcards

Organic Mechanisms Flashcards


Acids and Bases: Blackman Chapter 11 Acids and Bases

Weak Acids and Bases

Calculations with Weak Acids and Bases

Acid-Base Titrations

Acids and bases (1)

Acids and bases (2)

Acids and bases (Advanced 1)

Acids and bases (Advanced 2)

Phase Diagrams and Solubility: Blackman Chapter 7, 6.7-6.8, Chapter 10 States of Matter

Solubility Equilibria

Intermolecular forces


Coordination Chemistry: Blackman Chapter 13


Kinetics: Blackman Chapter 14 Reaction Rates and Chemical Kinetics

Reaction Rates and Chemical Kinetics 2

Thermal Energy, Collisions and Reactions

Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms


Kinetics (advanced)

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