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CHEM1102 - Past Exam Papers

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The topics which are examinable are described in considerable detail in the learning outcomes and in the unit outline. The course evolves over time: past papers do not define the syllabus. You will find questions in the past papers which were not taught so will not be examined in your exam. When reading the learning outcomes, you should note that the laboratory course is self-contained: material from the lab course is assessed in the lab course and is not re-assessed in the examination.

The CHEM1102 exam before semester 2 2015 was 3 hours in length (plus reading time) with a multiple choice and a short answer section. From semester 2 2015, the exam is 2 hours in length (plus reading time) with only short answer questions. This change was accompanied by a change in the assessment breakdown and an introduction of a weekly online quiz.

In 2011, spectroscopy was moved from the examination into a mid-semester assessment. As a result, although questions on spectroscopy may appear in papers before this date, it will not be examined in the end of semester examination from 2011 onwards.

A data sheet with periodic table is supplied with all Chemistry 1 exam papers. You should consult this data sheet to see what equations and data you will be provided with. However, note that as the sheet is common to all Chemistry 1 Units of Study, much of the information presented is not required for the particular paper you will be sitting.

Note that the syllabus changed considerably in 2004 and consequently the pre-2004 exam papers are not so relevant to the current syllabus.

Note: It is University policy not to publish any multiple choice questions that are used in examinations.
  • Topics covered only in the laboratory are not re-assessed in the examination.
  • From 2006 onwards, full worked answers are available. For papers before then, the answers include only the numerical answer or a short answer without any working. Worked answers to problems covering the topics covered week by week are available on the 'suggested exam Q & A page'
  • There are almost certainly errors in the answers - if you suspect that an answer is wrong please post on the discussion board, and instructors will endeavour to check and correct the answer if necessary.
  • The syllabuses for CHEM1902 and CHEM1002 are similar to that for this unit and the CHEM1902 past papers and worked answers and the CHEM1002 past papers and worked answers are also worth trying for extra practice.

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