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CHEM1109 - Frequently Asked Questions

I'm repeating the unit - do I have to do the practicals and quizzes again?

There are no automatic exemptions from the practical course for any students.

Repeat students who have completed the course previously, may apply for exemption from the practical course by completing the relevant form. Applications for exemption should be submitted in the first week of semester

Each case will be treated on its own merits, based on attendance records and marks obtained in the laboratory course previously.

Students granted a practical exemption will receive a pro-rata mark calculated from their previous practical marks.

If you apply for exemption, you will be notified of our decision by email. We will access all applications closer to the start of semester. You should not assume that you have been granted exemption until you receive notification and should therefore attend your practical sessions until you receive this.

We do not grant exemption from exams or quizzes (or assignments if applicable to your unit). These form an important part of the learning structure of the program.

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