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CHEM1109 - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I miss or know I will miss a laboratory session?

Missed or Know You Will Miss Your Laboratory Class?

If you know you are going to miss your timetabled laboratory slot due to a pre-arranged commitment (sport, music or theatrical rehearsal, work etc), you can catch the experiment up at an alternative session by following the 'catch up' link below. It is your responsibility to plan ahead if you have a clashing sport or theatrical event!

If you miss a laboratory session due to unforeseen circmstances (illness etc), your preferred option should also be to catch up the laboratory work. You can apply for Special Consideration (choose "attendance") but unless you can demonstrate that you are unable to catch up the experiment at a later date, the most likely outcome will be an instruction to catch up your experiment within 2 weeks of getting better.

Note that most experiments are available over a large number of sessions, over many weeks. Near the end of semester, these tend to fill quickly, so you are strongly advised not leave unfinished experiments until the end of semester, and do so at risk of failing to complete the laboratory course. Without special consideration, you can book a session for up to 2 weeks after the missed experiements. With special consideration, you can contact the first year office to book a session beyond the 2 week window. The box below shows which experiments are available in which sessions and in which weeks. It does not show whether there are free workspaces available:
To organise a catch up lab session, please use the booking tool under "Missed or know you will miss your laboratory class?" in "Laboratory Program" on eLearning.

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