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CHEM1109 - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I miss or know I will miss a tutorial?

Your preferred option should be to catch up on a missed tutorial as these are provided to help you understand the material needed for the quizzes and examination. There is a strong correlation between attendance at tutorials and exam performance. They are also a compulsory part of the unit. If you miss a tutorial or know you are going to, check the list of tutorials available for this unit and try your hardest to make one of the other times. Some tutorial classes are full, especially in quiz week, and priority will always be given to those who are timetabled into the class. If you are trying to catch up, and the tutor turns you away, you will need to try another session, or catch up on your own using the on-line tutorial materials the following week.

Plan ahead if you have an upcoming sport or theatrical event!

If you miss a tutorial session due to illness or misadventure, you may apply for Special Consideration to have your absence formally excused. Go to the Special consideration website, and follow the procedures outlined. Application for special consideration must be submitted within three (3) working days of the missed session, unless you have good reason for applying late. If you are prevented from doing this by, for example, hospitalisation, you should apply immediately upon your return to University.

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