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CHEM1903 - Resources for Week 12

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Electrochemistry
    •  Identify oxidation and reduction half-reactions, and combine them into a balanced redox reaction
    •  explain how a Galvanic cell is constructed to draw a current from a redox reaction
    •  use the activity series to decide which element or compound is the stronger oxidant
    •  calculate the (standard) cell potential and determine the spontaneous direction of a redox reaction under standard conditions
    •  calculate the cell potential for standard and non-standard conditions from the half-cell reactions, and determine the spontaneous direction of a redox reaction
    •  calculate equilibrium constants from standard cell potentials and vice versa
    •  combine reaction quotient and cell potential information to solve for unknown concentrations both at equilibrium and away from equilibrium
    •  identify the key design features of an electrochemical sensor, and calculate an unknown concentration for appropriate electrochemical data
  • Electrolytic Cells
    •  define electrolysis, electrorefining and overpotential
    •  calculate the yield of a chemical product from current and electrolysis time
    •  predict which products are thermodynamically favoured to form in an aqueous electrolysis reaction, and relate this to the chlor-alkali process
    •  explain how aluminium is won from its ore
    •  describe the process of corrosion of iron, factors that affect corrosion, and various methods of corrosion prevention, including cathodic protection and anodic inhibition

Textbook and eBook References

  • Electrochemistry - Sections 12.1 - 12.5
  • Batteries and Corrosion - Section 12.7
the eBook references are free and are taken from high quality sources.

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