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CHEM1903 - Resources for Week 6

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Lewis Structures
    •  draw out plausible Lewis structures for simple polyatomic molecules
    •  assign bond orders based on sharing of electron pairs and resonance structures
    •  identify carbon-carbon single, double and triple bonds, as well as aldehyde, alcohol and nitrile functional groups and their bonding
    •  assign molecular shapes based on Lewis structures
    •  recognise four functional groups: aldehyde, alcohol, ketone and nitrile
    •  reconise three kinds of carbon-carbon bonds and know their names (alkane, alkene, alkyne) and shapes.

Textbook and eBook References

  • Lewis Structures - Section 5.3
  • VSEPR - Sections 5.4 and 5.5
the eBook references are free and are taken from high quality sources.

Lecture Notes, Tutorial Worksheets & Answers and Suggested Exam Questions

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ChemCAL and iChem Resources

Contributed Links and Resources

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Lewis Structures -  
  Lewis structures  
Description: Interactive approach to building Lewis structures
Tags: Lewis structures  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
  Drawing Lewis Structures (short video tutorial)  
Description: Video tutorial
Tags: lewis structures  |  Contributed by Liz New
  Drawing the Lewis structure of the sulfate ion  
Tags: Lewis structure | formal charges  |  Contributed by Alice Williamson
  Oxidation numbers  
Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
  Molecular shape and dipoles (short video tutorial)  
Description: Video tutorial on how to work out if a molecule is polar or not.
Tags: VSEPR | Lewis structures  |  Contributed by Chiara Neto

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