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CHEM1904 - Resources for Week 8

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Calculations Involving pKa
    •  use pKw, pKa and pKb to calculate the pH of a solution containing a weak acid or base
    •  use the increase in pKa values for dissocation of the protons in a polyprotic acid to perform calculations
    •  be able to explain what buffers are and how they work
    •  be able to calculate the pH of a buffer system and be able to design a buffer with a required pH
    •  use titration curves to characterize acids and bases, using the pH at the equivalence and half-equivalence points
    •  design and perform titration experiments to obtain pKa values with appropriate choice of indicator

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Strong Acids and Bases -  
  pH of strong acids and bases  
Tags: pH | strong acids | strong bases  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
Weak Acids and Bases -  
Calculations Involving pKa -  
  Buffer Calculator  
Description: calculates pH of buffer
Tags: buffer | pH | acid-base  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman

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