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CHEM1612 - Resources for Week 13

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Colloids and Surface Chemistry
    •  identify the characteristics of a colloid
    •  classify a colloid according to the nature of the continuous and dispersed phases
    •  explain the electrostatic and steric stabilization of colloids
    •  understand the chemical nature and action of surfactants and detergents
    •  explain the main mechanisms of coagulation of colloids, including the role of electrolytes
    •  explain the molecular origin of surface tension
    •  describe the function and chemical structure of biological membranes

Textbook and eBook References

  • Introduction to Colloids and Surface Chemistry - Chapter 10

Lecture Notes, Tutorial Worksheets & Answers and Suggested Exam Questions

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Introduction to Colloids and Surface Chemistry -  
  Chemistry of cleaning  
Description: surfactants
Contributed by Adam Bridgeman

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