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CHEM1612 - Resources for Week 6

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Acids and Bases
    •  explain the advantages of the Bronsted-Lowry acid-base definition over the Arrhenius definition
    •  understand the relationships between pH, pOH, pKa, pKb and pKw
    •  predict qualitatively the excess species in weak conjugate acid-base pairs at a given pH
    •  calculate the pH, pOH, [H+] and [OH-] for aqueous solutions of strong acids and bases
    •  predict qualitatively the relative acidities of strong acids
    •  calculate the pH, pOH, [H+] and [OH-] for very diluite solutions of strong acids and bases
    •  calculate the pH, pOH, [H+] and [OH-] for aqueous solutions of weak acids and bases
    •  calculate the pKa of a weak, monoprotic acid from the pH of its solution
    •  predict the sequence of strengths of acidities of weak, polyprotic acids
    •  predict qualitatively the pH of salt solutions
    •  calculate the pH of solutions of hydrated metal ions
    •  identify Lewis acids and bases
    •  explain the origin of buffering action
    •  calculate the pH change for addition of acid or base to a buffer
    •  choose an appropriate buffer for any pH value
    •  explain how to prepare a buffer solution
    •  explain the buffering action of HsCO3 / HCO3- in the blood
    •  explain how to perform an acid-base titration
    •  selection an indicator for the titration of any combination of acid and base
    •  predict the charge of an amino acid and its direction of migration in electrophoresis given its pI
    •  explain the origins of positive and negative charges on a protein
    •  predict qualitatively the change in solubility of a protein with changing pH given its pI

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Acids and Bases -  
  Henderson-Hasselbalch problems  
Tags: acid | base | buffer  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
  pH of strong acids and bases (short video tutorial)  
Description: Revision tutorial on how to calculate the pH of strong acids and bases
Tags: pH | strong acids | strong bases  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman

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