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CHEM1612 - Resources for Week 10

Topics and Learning Outcomes

  • Redox Reactions and Introduction to Electrochemistry
    •  relate the sign of the electrode potential to the direction of spontaneous change
    •  combine half cells to produce balanced redox reactions and to calculate cell potentials
    •  identify the species which are being oxidzied and those being reduced in a redox reaction
    •  write down the cell notation for a Galvanic cell including ones involving inert electrodes
    •  use the Nernst equation to calculate the effect of concentration on the cell potential
    •  relate the electrode potential and the reaction quotient
    •  relate the standard electrode potential and the equilibrium constant
    •  use Faraday's Laws of Electrolysis to relate the amount of product to the electric current applied

Textbook and eBook References

  • Redox Reactions and Introduction to Electrochemistry - Chapter 12

Lecture Notes, Tutorial Worksheets & Answers and Suggested Exam Questions

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Redox Reactions and Introduction to Electrochemistry -  
  Electrochemical Cells (short video tutorial)  
Tags: Galvanic | voltaic | electrolytic  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman
  Redox Reactions and Cell Potentials (short video tutorial)  
Tags: redox | cell potentials | half cells  |  Contributed by Adam Bridgeman

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